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Nadir has 5 tracks available for download from his album 'Distorted Soul 2.0'

Distorted Soul is musical evolution and revolution.  Distorted Soul is jazz, rock and hip-hop influenced soul music.  Imagine mid-70s Isley Brothers turned up to tenů Imagine Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis in a funk band togetherů Imagine Sly Stone and Curtis Mayfield jamming with The Roots.

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Daddy' s cane (click to download)
Queen of Sheba (click to download)
Leave it alone (click to download)
All over you (click to download)
Slave  (click to download)


We can offer you 1 track from Jahah's album 'Mama's only son'

Atlanta songwriter/producer/lyricist/singer JAHAH is the definition of authentic soul music that reflects the magnetic era of the 70's and the preeminence of contemporary hip-hop. His music pulsates with hard hitting drumbeats and intoxicating melodies, which function as the backbone for his lyrical adroitness. 

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Everybody Up  (click to download)


Charles Simmons
Available from Charles Simmons is the title track from his album 'State of mind vol. 2''

Soulful. Dynamic. Multi-faceted. These are only a few words that could describe Charles Simmons. His talent and passion for music shines through as one of Germany's most highly regarded singers / live performers. His Gospel, Soul and Rock music upbringing, as well as his training in Classical Voice, Jazz Improvisation, and Musical Theater, serves as the foundation for his high energy,
dynamic live performances.

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State of mind (click to download)