Sunday June 2nd, 2002


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Diana Ross Enters Rehab

Diana Ross checked herself into an addiction rehabilitation clinic in Malibu, California,
more than 10 days ago, according to her publicist Paul Bloch. The former Supremes
frontwoman is currently in the care of the Promises Center, which specializes in the
treatment and recovery of those addicted to alcohol, drugs, and other chemical vices.
When asked for the specific reasons behind Ross's stay at Promises, Bloch's prepared
statement read that the singer "wants to be in great shape because she is someone who
feels a sense of responsibility to her family and her fans." While Bloch did not say when
he expects Ross's discharge, he did hint that the start date for her summer tour should not
be affected. Ross is set to begin a European and U.S. tour on June 26 in Germany.

Craig David all over the States

Craig David is back in the States on a whistle-stop tour of ten major cities in less than
two weeks. This time he's promoting his latest US release 'Walking Away'.
While most British acts are being ignored in America, Craig says he's determined to cash
in on the world's biggest music market.
The R'n'B superstar is at No.50 on the US singles chart this week, and he admits he's
grateful for the attention:
"It's been amazing to see how the American audience have started to embrace what I've
been doing. They've been very kind. Whenever I do a show, there's always something,
some thongs being thrown up."
"Most of the time I usually humour it, and because I'm never really in one place long
enough to kind of go with the full chat-up line - I'm always being ushered off."
"So it always kind of gets to the point 'Yeah, yeah, we'll see how it goes, yeah.' Next
thing I'm in some next place doing something else so I kind of get away with it which is
Craig is also putting the finishing touches to his second album, and reckons he's in no
"I don't want to rush the second album in any way. I want to make sure that it's a
progression from 'Born to do it', which I think naturally it will be just from things I've
"I'm working with the same people as on the first album, also with Fraser T Smith who I
do my acoustic performances with and some other guys in the UK."

Michael Jackson Under The Knife Again?

It appears that Michael Jackson has done it again: The "King Of Pop" recently underwent
his sixth nose job, according to reports in Wednesday's (May 29) New York Post.
Jackson's next public appearance is at a London charity event hosted by his friend,
mentalist Uri Geller. With the infamous London paparazzi following his every move,
fans can likely expect photos of Jackson's newest nose in a few short weeks.

The Grammys To Introduce New R&B Categories

The Recording Academy plans to announce new categories in the field of R&B music
Thursday (May 30), according to a spokesperson who said she could not confirm any of
the changes or additions at press time.
However, a LAUNCH source confirmed that the organization's trustee's board voted last
week to add two new categories, and to alter another. According to a unnamed source, the
new R&B Grammy awards would include best contemporary R&B album and best urban
alternative performance. Additionally, the best traditional R&B vocal album award has
been changed to best traditional R&B performance.
The best contemporary R&B album category would recognize R&B and hip-hop hybrids
from the likes of Missy Elliott, 112, and Nate Dogg. The best urban alternative
performance field would highlight singles and tracks from alternative R&B and hip-hop
acts such as Meshell Ndegeocello, Dakota Moon, and the Black Eyed Peas.
While the best traditional R&B vocal album category previously recognized albums
encompassing rhythmic, blues-influenced music and gospel-rooted vocals, the reworked
best traditional R&B performance category will acknowledge singles and tracks that meet
that same criteria.
The remaining unchanged R&B categories include best R&B performance by a duo or
group with vocal, best female R&B vocal performance, best male R&B vocal
performance, best R&B song, and best R&B album.
Last year, the Recording Academy introduced the new rap category, best rap/sung

Tweet Gets Tapped To Open For Mary J. Blige

Newcomer Tweet was recently forced to cancel her scheduled tour with Glenn Lewis due
to soft tickets sales, but she has since been tapped to fill the opening slot for Mary J Blige
on her forthcoming tour. The Blige tour is scheduled to kick off June 1 in Mansfield,
Massachusetts, and will wrap August 7 in Wantagh, New York.
Tweet's debut album, Southern Hummingbird, was recently certified gold for sales of
500,000 copies--the set currently sits at Number 34 on the Billboard 200 albums chart.
The singer recently released her second Timbaland-produced single, "Call Me," which is
now Number 67 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.

Upcoming Jimi Hendrix Tribute Album To Feature R&B Stars

An upcoming Jimi Hendrix tribute album will focus on the R&B aspects of the legendary
rock guitarist's repertoire. George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Earth, Wind & Fire (EWF),
and Chaka Khan have all signed up for the as-yet-untitled album, which is due this fall,
commemorating what would have been Hendrix's 60th birthday on November 27.
Hendrix's sister Janie is producing the tribute along with her husband, EWF guitarist
Sheldon Reynolds, for the family-owned Experience Hendrix label. The two are currently
soliciting other R&B artists to be part of the tribute and determining which songs the
performers will cover.
Experience Hendrix is also planning special celebrations this fall in Seattle, Washington,
and Paris, France, to mark Hendrix's birthday, and it's likely other releases--audio and
video--will be part of the observance.


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