Sunday January 5th, 2003


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Mariah Gets Personal With TV Viewers….Too Personal

Mariah Carey's fans got to see more of their idol than they expected
during a recent TV interview in Minneapolis. Mariah wore a really,
really short skirt when she appeared on NBC affiliate KARE-TV. She and
the guy interviewing her were perched up high on director's chairs and
Mariah kept trying to pull the skirt down. Well, all that squirming
around in the chair didn't get the skirt any lower, but it did reveal
that Mariah wasn't wearing any panties! Folks got a quick peek at her
kitty cat! Eventually, the producers threw a coat over Mariah's lap.
Mariah just smiled and said she'd have to be more careful in the future.

Diana Ross Said She Was Lost When Arrested For DUI

Diana Ross claims she had gotten lost on her way to a video store on
Monday (December 30) in Tucson, Arizona, when she was stopped and then
arrested for suspicion of drunk driving.
Ross was stopped early on the morning of December 30, after someone
reported a vehicle driving south in the northbound lanes of a street in
northeastern Tucson. The singer had pulled into a handicapped parking
space in front of a Blockbuster video store, when she was approached by
a Tucson police officer. She denied twice that she'd been drinking and
told the officer she had been lost and was "trying to get here to rent a
According to the officer's report, the former Supremes singer consented
to a field sobriety test, but fell down and laughed while trying to
stand on one leg and count to ten. In another test, Ross skipped some
letters and doubled others when asked to write the alphabet. Breath
tests showed Ross's blood-alcohol level of at least 0.20 percent, more
than twice Arizona's legal limit of 0.08.
The 58-year-old singer was cited on three misdemeanor counts related to
driving under the influence, and has a January 13 court date.
A spokesperson for Ross said there was no comment being given on the
singer's arrest at this time.


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