Sunday March 13th, 2005


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Music news headlines this week:

Gerald Levert Indicted On Assault Charges

A grand jury has indicted rhythm & blues artist Gerald Levert on assault
charges after a city prosecutor said there wasn't evidence to sustain the
charges following a confrontation with police during a traffic stop.
Prosecutor Anthony Jordan said earlier this month that there was no
evidence the singer caused serious physical harm to patrolmen Ronald W.
Ross and Daniel Lentz. Levert, 38, was charged with drunken driving,
impeding traffic, obstructing police business and resisting arrest. On
Tuesday, a county grand jury indicted Levert on two charges of felonious
assault and a charge of obstructing official business. Police said Levert
and a passenger in his car, James Austin Jr. of Canton, intervened when
authorities stopped a friend of Levert's for speeding at 12:45 a.m.
February 25. The grand jury indicted Austin, 27, on the same charges as
Levert and a charge of assault on a police officer.


Everything’s OK With Al Green

This coming Tuesday Al Green will release his second secular album, since
his return to the secular music, Everything’s Ok. With this album, Green
again reunites with Willie Mitchell, who produced several Al Green hits in
the 70’s as well as 2003’s I Can’t Stop -- their comeback collaboration.
Rolling Stone offers a raving review of Green’s latest effort saying,
“Everything's OK is much more than OK -- it's one more righteous, red-hot
reason to treasure this surviving genius of soul.” The album, recorded
last summer in Memphis features stand-out songs like the Mitchell and
Green produced “Build Me up,” as well as a cover of Joe Cocker’s “You Are
So Beautiful.” Everything’s OK features the soulful Memphis sound with
the help of Rhodes, Chalmers, & Rhodes on background vocals as well as The
Royal Horns. Also making their presence felt on the album are The New
Memphis Strings.


A Time For Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder's long awaited album ‘A Time to Love’ finally has a confirmed
release date. The album, which Wonder explains is a statement within
itself, will drop May 3rd. The first single is ‘What the Fuss’; it will hit
radio stations this month. Motown Records President and Executive Vice
President of Universal, Sylvia Rhone hails the album explaining that,
"Each song stands as a vibrant entry point to the cultural and musical
pulse that Stevie has had his finger on for more than 40 years." The album
got such a title because Wonder says it here's been a time for war, a time
to imprison, a time to hurt and break down.


Ruben Studdard Sues His Godfather

Ruben Studdard is involved in a lawsuit with his godfather/former business
adviser. A lawyer for the "American Idol" crooner has slapped Ronald
Edwards with a suit alleging that Edwards withdrew checks that add up to
90-thousand dollars from Studdard's account ran up big charges on his
credit cards and misused 246-thousand dollars without getting Studdard's
permission. The suit is asking for unspecified damages. Edwards' attorney
says that his client came to the aid of Studdard when the "Idol" contest
starting heating up and had power of attorney to help Studdard by paying
his rent and cell-phone bills as well as his accountant. The next step for
Edwards in the battle against his godson will come in the form of a
counterclaim, which his attorney says will be filed next week.


Atlantic Classics Get Modern Remixes

The storied vaults of Atlantic Records have been raided for a disc of classic
1970s-era soul, funk and jazz re-imagined by contemporary remixers.
Due May 10 from Rhino/Atlantic, "Atlantiquity" is based on material from the
likes of Donny Hathaway, Carmen McCrae and Chic and defined for the dance
floor under the guidance of Los Angeles radio/club DJ Garth Trinidad.
"Each remixer has a unique style, and I picked tracks according to their musical
personalities," Trinidad says of selecting material for the likes of King Britt,
Daz-I-Kue and DJ Nu-Mark (Jurassic 5) to tackle. "This was an amazing way for
all the DJs to pay homage to artists that have influenced them and introduce these
classic artists to a younger generation."
For his remix of Kleeer's "Tonight," Sa-Ra tapped the talents of Me'Shell Ndegeocello
to add new bass lines. Nu-Mark revisits Eddie Harris' "Bold and Black," while
Charlie Dark, a member of Attic Blues, reshapes the Average White Band's "Pick Up
the Pieces."
"Charlie didn't just go in and flip the beat," Trinidad says. "He went in and used all
the existing elements of the song to create something completely new, which really
embodies the spirit of this project."
In addition to the CD release, a two-LP vinyl version will be issued May 24, with
an extended version of King Britt's remix of Chic's "A Warm Summer Night."

Here is the "Atlantiquity" track list:

"Tonight," Kleeer (Sa-Ra Remix featuring the Sa-Ra All Stars & Me'Shell Ndegeocello)
"Watching You," Slave (Vikter Duplaix Remix)
"Bold and Black," Eddie Harris (DJ Nu-Mark Remix)
"Getting Uptown (To Get Down)," United 8 (Quantic Remix)
"Pick Up the Pieces," Average White Band (Charlie Dark Remix)
"We Are Family," Sister Sledge (Daz-I-Kue Remix)
"Little Ghetto Boy," Donny Hathaway (Freddy L. Remix)
"A Warm Summer Night," Chic (King Britt Remix)
"I'll Be Around," Spinners (Kev Brown Remix)
"Just a Little Lovin'," Carmen McCrae (GB Remix)
"Riding High," Faze-o (Remix featuring Tiombe Lockhart & The Army Of Love)
"Nubian Lady," Yusef Lateef (Metisse Remix)


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