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New CD's this past week:

- Frank McComb - The truth vol. 2 (UK release)


Music news headlines this week:

Musiq Makes The Move To Atlantic Records

Philadelphia-based R&B singer Musiq, whose real name is Talib Johnson,
will release his fourth album, Love & Music, on Atlantic Records in March.
The first single from the new project is "Buddy." The album will be the
singer's first release in three years as he switched from Def Soul Records
to Atlantic Records.
Musiq has also left Mama's Boys Production and he has opened up production
on the new album after recording his first three albums with the Karma
production team of Carvin Haggins and Ivan Barrias.
Musiq has released three albums, 2001's Aijuswanaseing and 2002's
Juslisen, which were both certified platinum for sales of a million
copies, and 2004's gold-certified Soulstar.
One would think that the label change and the changes within his team
would place extra pressure on Musiq to do well. The singer explained that
he just tries to do his best each time: "I don't look at things like that.
I just do what I do and try to do it at the best of my ability and
hopefully people will respond to it the way that they do. I mean the
people are not stupid you know. If you treat them like people that you
know they know what they want, you know. Allow them the privilege and the
opportunity and the full range to make their own choices. Don't try to
think for them."
The singer added that as long as he gives it his best and stays true to
himself people will accept him: "Just do you and people will appreciate
you and accept you for who you are. I mean they may be bold words but this
is how I feel you know what I'm sayin'? If people just automatically for
some reason don't feel me no more, I mean I really too much can't control
that because I'm doing me."


John Legend Tries For Timeless Sound On “Once Again”

Singer and songwriter John Legend is earning raves for the unique musical
stylings of his sophomore album Once Again, featuring the hit single "Save
Room." With that track harking back to the pop sound of the '60s, and
other tunes weaving a contemporary sensibility with classic soul and pop
styles, Legend's music aims for a timeless feel.
Legend says that the sounds of different eras and genres all have an equal
influence on him: "Because I don't view music in such a categorized way.
Like, my head is filled with music from the '50s, '60s, '70s, '80s, '90s
and now. So all that's in my head and I listen to it with an equal kind of
enthusiasm. I think of all that music as united in some way."
Legend fans can go to Target to pick up the exclusive The John Legend
Collection CD, which includes his hits as well as the Grammy winner's
versions of two holiday favorites: "Let It Snow" and "What A Wonderful


Evelyn “Champagne” King To Release First New Material In Ten Years

Dance, disco and R&B diva Evelyn “Champagne” King, known
for her string of dance driven, energy charged hits including “Shame” and
“Love Come Down,” has just inked a deal with RNB Entertainment Group to
release her first new material in over a decade. Says King, “I’ve been
consistently doing material live at shows non-stop, so this album is way
overdue. It’s time for me to get back in the studio. I know what my fans
want from me.”
Tom Cartwright, President of RNB Entertainment Group, adds, “We are
thrilled to have an artist of Evelyn’s stature choose to work with us, and
I can’t wait to see what magic is being brewed in the studio.”
King’s repertoire has been heard in films and documentaries, and it has
been sampled by a myriad of artists ranging from Ice Cube to Lil Kim. Her
new album will be produced by hit-maker Preston Glass, who has produced
albums by artists including Stanley Jordan, as well as Kenny G’s
five-times platinum smash album “Duotones.” Among his extensive credits,
Glass has penned thirty Top Ten R&B hits and five Top Ten Pop hits
including “Who’s Zoomin Who” for Aretha Franklin, and he has served as a
co-writer for Whitney Houston, George Benson, Cindi Lauper, Diana Ross,
and other artists.
King started her career as a young teenager, after being discovered one
night while singing to herself, as she was cleaning with her mom at the
legendary hit factory Sigma Sound Studios, the musical production base of
Gamble and Huff and Philadelphia International Records by producer T.
Warren Foster, CEO Of RNB entertainment group says of the singer, “Evelyn
is current, consistent and still dynamite. With the current turn of R&B,
Evelyn is right on time.”


Lenny Williams Back With “It Must be Love”

Singer and songwriter Lenny Williams -- best known for searing vocals on
Tower Of Power hits like "What Is Hip" and "So Very Hard To Go" as well as
solo turns like "Cause I Love You" -- is back again and sounding as strong
as ever. The Oakland, California-based artist is releasing the new album
It Must Be Love on the independent LenTom Records, which he formed in
partnership with entrepreneur Tom Frye. The first single from the set is
titled "Tuesday," a heartfelt love song that equates every day with being
a holiday.
Williams has been recording since the late '60s, and roared to public
attention during his three years singing lead with Tower Of Power. He went
on to a successful solo career, establishing a signature style that is
emulated by many of today's R&B stars, including R. Kelly and Usher. In
particular, it's been his riveting "oh oh oh"s that have gained him the
most imitators.
Asked about his signature vocal embellishment, Williams says he was
inspired by the spirit of late soul star Otis Redding, but he doesn't
remember when he first recorded it. said: "I think maybe there was a time
period that I did the 'Oh Oh Oh,' especially when I was with Tower Of
Power doing songs like 'Just When We Started Making It' and 'Willing To
Learn' that I tried to put myself into Otis' spirit, so then maybe that
may have been a carryover. That's the only thing I can think of, because I
try to go back and listen to records to see when was the first time I did
it, and I'm not sure which was the first record I did it on."
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